ASGA Business Cards Now Available To Members
A great way to introduce ASGA to your friends, acquaintances, etc.

You're in line at the cafeteria, or bump into another golfer at a golf course.  You find out they're single.  What do you do?

Hand them an ASGA business card!

Available free of charge, your chapter can order as many as they need to pass out to their members.  Boxed 700 to a box (with dividers for each hundred cards), these cards should sit on your monthly meeting registration table.  Ask each member to put a few (15-20) in their wallet or purse just to have to pass out to people they run into.

To order, please use the CONTACT US button on the left side and give us your "ship to" address and we'll send some boxes to you.   We generally ship to you one box for every 35 members (this allows 20 cards per member), but more boxes can be shipped to you if your membership committee determines they can be distributed quickly and effectively.

Here's what they look like: