American Singles Golf Association
We're all about playing more golf . . . meeting new friends!

Our last check on the google search engine, we found 195,000 references to "singles clubs."  Most of these organizations are internet-based.  Your chances of meeting quality people are about as good as ever breaking par. 

The American Singles Golf Association is a group of chapters throughout the United States composed of real people you meet face-to-face and, of course, eat drink and play golf with.  Most chapters hold general membership meetings once each month and play golf as a group as often as they would like.  Many social-only events are also held throughout the year.

Meeting others through golf is probably the best way to begin any relationship, business or personal.  It allows you the opportunity to see others in an environment where there's no loud music, smoke-filled rooms.  And you get to see them at their best and not-so-best.  But most importantly, we're all about having FUN!  There's nothing like a group of 24 friends getting together on a Saturday afternoon for a great round of golf followed by dinner at a local restaurant or bar.  It's just a great way to spend all day.