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Get new members . . . instantly! is a social networking tool available on the internet for any type of group and believe me they have some strange ones out there. If you are looking for friends to play golf with, hike, kayak, or study supernatural beings from a far planet, has a place for you. allows the organizer to schedule events and email them directly to the members. In turn the member can RSVP for themselves and a friend or two. Both positive and negative RSVP's are accepted, and each member can make a comment.

After an event, offers each member to make comments about the event, the venue, and just about anything. It has total interactive capabilities to communicate between the members. As a social networking tool, can work for you organization. can be a public forum or set as a private organization as to where an individual inquiring about joining would have to email the organizer of the group to request membership.

The drawbacks to are few, but one that comes to mind is that a member of your organization in does not necessarily mean they are a member or your organization. offers the ability of the organizer to remove a member from The best part of that you will like the immediate feedback you get from members. works well as a great communication tool, but as like all great computer programs, they have to be manipulated and just don't happen automatically. Someone has to set up the events, and people have to view their emails and respond to events.

The initial organizer of can assign assistant organizers to the organization that have access to schedule events, post messages, and start a message board string that members can respond to. In an organization like ASGA, the Golf Chair would have full control over scheduling of golf outings, the Social Chair could set up the social events, and the Communication Chair has a one-stop shop for getting the word out to the members.

Since is a public forum, which works best to keep your organization out there in the limelight (we tried the private route), when a new member joins your Meetup, it is up to someone to inform them what the ultimate goal is - becoming a member of ASGA. This is where the Membership Chair would have to communicate to the potential new members that your particular meet-up group is more than just a website for social-networking.

So now that the Golf Chair, Social Chair, Membership Chair, and Communications Chair have a function on, what does the President do? Well, someone has to oversee the entire process. And a bonus to is that there is a financial tool to track monies coming in and going out. Wow, the perfect organization!

Not everything is perfect, but the energy put into the site can gain rewarding benefits coming out. does charge a fee, but the national office has committed to pay for the cost of local expenses. ASGA National must set-up the MeetUp and we then turn it over as co-administrators with the local chapter. And upon occasion, the national office will post the various multi-chapter events to each MeetUp as they occur.

Feel free to browse through one of our MeetUp sites by going to the link below. You can view photos of their outings and social events, and read about what the members are doing within the chapter: