Testimonials from Our Members . . .
. . . and why they renew their annual membership
by Tom Alsop, President and Founder, American Singles Golf Association

We value the dollars we spend and weigh purchasing decisions throughout all of life. ASGA exists to satisfy the social needs of many people, many who might work full time and need some kind of organized structure in order to fulfill their social needs, or even the "lucky ones" who've completed their careers but simply want to enjoy more fun, fellowship and fairways.

When our members renew, they are asked "why are you renewing?" And here is what they say. We thought you'd like to see this if you're seriously considering joining ASGA and changing your life and meeting friends that you didn't know you had!

Lisa L - Indianapolis: "The great group of people in our chapter."

Nicole N - Dallas/Ft.Worth: "Great camaraderie."

Pat O - Phoenix: "Made new friends."

Victoria E - Denver: "It's a fun chapter with great members."

Karen E - Philadelphia: "Very social group. We have a ton of fun on and off the golf course."

Bonnie B - Triad: "I like the regional and national events."

Karen B - Philadelphia: "Great People!"

Carl B - Dallas-Ft. Worth: "It's the people. I have never met a better group of people anywhere. They are kind, courteous and caring - not to mention fun to be with."

Jeff W - Hickory: "Good friends, good times."

Karen R - Denver: "I've met some really nice people and enjoy the outings they have put together."

Christine B - Myrtle Beach: "I am in Myrtle Beach and Naples for the winter and enjoy belonging to an organized club with nice people to play with!"

Mary B - Orlando: "Lots of activity. My first year went by too fast."

Michael O - Cincinnati: "Enjoy the members!"

Sandra G - Washington DC: "Enjoy the camaraderie and good choice of golf courses."

Patricia R - Philadelphia: "A wonderful group of people who love to play golf and enjoy a great social life too."

Mary Ann W - Southeast Michigan: "Great friends and wonderful golf outings. Lots of socializing."

Dan H - Ft Lauderdale: "FUN!"

Susan W - Washington DC: "Enjoy playing different courses."

Connie H - Philadelphia: "The friendships and laughs!!"

Howard P - The Villages: "Companionship!"

Dennis O - Southeast Michigan: "Our social/friendship network, including extensive golf outings."

Jonie F - Dallas/Fort Worth: "Everyone is so nice and friendly. We always have a good time."

Sharon E - Palm Springs: "Variety of courses they arrange in the desert."

Richard F - The Villages: "Very active and meeting nice people."

Diane D - Southeast Michigan: "Tons of fun, great group of people."

Liz M - Philadelphia: "The people are great and always have lots of great events - including all of the wonderful golf outings.”

Lori C - SE Michigan Chapter: “ASGA is a great opportunity to do what I love with people I like.”

Carol S - The Villages Chapter: “A great, busy, friendly, chapter.”

Mark S - Kansas City Chapter: “I am involved with the chapter, like the members and enjoy the golf experience with the group.”

Don M - Philadelphia Chapter: “It's a great bunch of people. Enjoy our extensive schedule of golf and the social times that we have together.”

Gerry P - North Jersey Chapter: “The friendships I have made. The many outings we have each season and the events held during the winter months.”

Cheryl M - Dallas-Ft. Worth Chapter: “How friendly everyone is.”

Pat G - Myrtle Beach Chapter: “This is my golf family.”